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Locating Microsoft Access Design View

I have my design view on you Access, now where are you? So I noticed that some people in the past were having trouble finding design view in Access. Why? It’s right there, see it? Got me too. Well, after I spent a large amount of my mouse’s battery life trying to find it myself […]


Simple tips to fill a list fast in Excel

Two simple tips to do dates or just first names in a spreadsheet Dipping my toes into the Excel pool, I never knew there were so many tips to be repetitious. I first came across autofill or what I think it should be called, seqfill, when Robert told me about how it saves time doing […]


Introducing AXbean DeBlog

Well, I’ll do my best to entertain you This is my very first post here which I named DeBlog. And I assume the first order of this here blogging is to introduce myself. I’m Debbie Wallis and I’m co-owner of AxBean with my husband Robert. We are proprietors of providing Microsoft Access and Excel (AX) […]